Monday, January 14, 2013

Kata Mutiara Hati Bhs Inggris

Posted by Cinta Illahi at 8:41 AM

Look at everything from the perspective of others. If it hurts you, it probably hurts the person too.

Advise you to keep the heart, it is always in the scriptures.

The richest person is the one who receives the distribution (taqdir) of God gladly.

That led her not mind, but his heart.

Live the parent with care, compassion, said the language, and the best attitude.

A relationship without trust, not two hearts in love, but two hearts who spend time together.

Be yourself, someone who fits with your heart, not someone who wants to be seen by him that you love.

Never destroy your dreams by working only half-heartedly.

Bright future always depends on a forgotten past. We can not continue to live well if it is not able to forget the failures and heartaches in the past.

The virtue of common wisdom is wisdom, and virtue is courage liver.

Amazingly, people who washed his face many times a day, but does not wash her ​​once a year though.

Thorn in the feet are hard to find, especially a thorn in the heart. If anyone has seen a thorn in his heart, which may be powerful grief?

Treat everyone with kindness and genuine respect, even when they behave badly to you. Remember that respect to others not because of who they are, but because of who you are.

We are born with only one heart deep within us. Reminds us of the gift of love and appreciation is expected to come from the deepest of our hearts. Learning to love and enjoy what we love but do not ever expect others to love us as we love him.

Be true to yourself, always follow what your heart so that you do not need to hide anything in this life.

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